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A World at Arms: A World War II Book Review Essay

            This book authored by a great historian Gerhard L. Weinberg is exceptionally written with impressive research. It integrated all the aspects of war – diplomatic, political, economic, and even cultural. In addition, the book has given an overview of how the different theatres of World War II are interconnnected. This paper explores on the author as an expert of this time period, on the book as an account of history, and its impact to the world.
 A World at Arms: A World War II Book Review
An Overview
            The truth about wars is that many facts would always be concealed and altered. There are numerous instances where events that transpired were never recorded, and many evidences were deliberately destroyed. Therefore weaving the entire tragedy is a very difficult task, and people could only carefully integrate the pieces together, whether they fit or not. World War II is exceptionally difficult for many historians for it is composed of many different theatres, for indeed the world was ultimately at war.

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